A Portable & Secure Solution
For Your Growing Needs​ 

More than just a building, the GreenGo-GrowHouseTM  is a commercial turnkey product for growing Marijuana

  •  Stock units available for immediate shipment (subject to prior sale)
  • Steel construction built for portability, durability & customization
  • Industrial HVAC & electrical system designed for the high demands of  commercial cannabis cultivation
  • ​ Complete integration & remote monitoring of all the facilities vital systems 
  • On-site installation & equipment commissioning 
  • Closed water system with filtration & recycling  

Whether it’s a custom engineered building or one of our “ready to grow” designs, all of our structures begin with a massive and sturdy base constructed of solid steel that is durable and built to last! Its incredible strength supports the entire structure in such a manner that allows for safe relocation if necessary without any structural damage.

Technical Innovation

Engineering Expertise


​​​​​​A state of the art Industrial building designed for the single purpose of growing marijuana  in a completely controlled environment.

The GreenGo-GrowHouse

​Customized  industrial grade GROWHOUSES, engineered to maximize product growth and reduce operational cost.​

​                                         ** PATENT PENDING**

Our manufacturing process is fully customizable, integrated and streamlined to fit each clients exact requirements. From building size, color, options for functionality for each room, and future expansion needs, RMH specializes in creating the perfect growing environment for you.​​​

For the past 10+ years our team at RMH Building Company have designed and integrated heavy electrical equipment into these types of portable industrial buildings for the Oil & Gas industry throughout North America .