- RMH provides review and guidance for site space selection and site accessibility prior to design development in order to insure the most suitable final construction. We can drop your facility onto any bedrock surface, eliminating the need for traditional foundation. RMH secures needed permits for wind load, snow load and building electrical layout for each structure. All buildings comply with State and Federal standards for security of product and access, and we provide engineered drawings and as builts for the structure and electrical systems. Additional system design services are available.


- Features such as removable building end caps on either end-to-end or side-to-side, various stackable designs, top hat design for up to 20′ interior ceiling heights are offered for larger multi-branded installations which can provide the most efficient use of space and allow additional units to be added in the future. Off-site fabrication and integration at our manufacturing facility means minimal on-site construction will be needed.

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- RMH will research the best shipping route and secure necessary transportation permits prior to shipping your building and all components to the designated site. In most cases standard building sizes up to 55′ x 16′  can be transported with an 18-wheeler and no shipping splits, but larger building designs incorporating shipping splits are available.


​- Programming, commissioning and training of all systems and equipment is supplied by RMH service techs during the initial setup phase. Additional technical support available by contract for any future needs. We test all vital systems before we leave the site to insure you have the best product available.

  • Unauthorized and / or Authorized Access

  • Temperature / Humidity Variance

  • Loss of Power or Lighting Failures

  • Water Temperatures



  • Consolidate existing inefficient growing operations

  • Quick relocation due to ever changing local law, zoning and permitting without operational shut down

  • Minimized  overall number of permits needed to get your operation up and running​​



​Customized  industrial grade GROWHOUSES, engineered to maximize product growth and reduce operational cost.​

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Benefits of

Customized Portability