​Customized  industrial grade GROWHOUSES, engineered to maximize product growth and reduce operational cost.​

​                                         ** PATENT PENDING**

     The GreenGo - GrowHouse

    Remote Access & Monitoring

​​The GreenGo - GrowHouse is completely customizable with the latest state of the art system options such as

​• Variable Power Systems
• Temperature and Humidity Controls
• Water Temperature / Filtration Systems
• Lighting Failure Backups
• Fire Supression
• CO2 Enrichment
• Infrared Thermal Cameras​

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- Our industrially fabricated structures provide a year round controlled environment designed and engineered to last 50 years, and to operate in extreme conditions from cold, snowy and windy to hot, dry desert conditions. Made from a minimum 18 gauge steel interlocking panel walls on all buildings 30′ or larger, and 12 gauge steel  for all doors and exterior roof. 

-RMH's steel units eliminate many issues you might find with traditional buildings such as damage from mold, insects, hail and other weather conditions, exterior fires and structural water damage resulting from frozen pipes bursting.


- Cloud Controller access feature allows the ability to deploy, manage and monitor from anywhere in the world. and provides security monitoring of every vital system and access point on your site or in your building, Any change alerts are sent via email. 

- Utilizing a state-of-the-art surveillance package, vital systems can be remotely controlled and secured from a secure VPN tunnel to a dedicated cloud controller. Remote system operations include local keypad door entrance for securing specific rooms, interior and exterior closed circuit camera system.​

- ​​Engineered electrical systems designed to NEC standards to prevent overload electric panels, Twin LP Gen-set Generators are sized to run/operate the entire facility’s vital systems for days with uninterrupted operation and the ability to optimize electrical usage during peak rate hours, reducing your dependence on line power. All electrical outlets and conduits are rated for wash down duty so cleaning is made easy with a pressure cleaner utilizing properly placed drain holes in every room of the solid steel floors and interior. .

- HVAC systems are designed for clients specific heat load, and includes features such as an economizer to utilize outside air when temperature reaches 60 degrees or less​.

    Advanced Integrated Systems